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Introducing Pastor Ash

In His Words

“Peace be with you!” That is how Jesus personally greeted the disciples that first Easter Sunday (John 20:19).

How I am looking forward to soon greeting you in person in Christ’s name and sharing His peace with you! Whole books have written on how to begin ministry in a new parish. As with many things, the COVID-19 pandemic has made the conventional wisdom on that topic obsolete.

Regardless, I will begin ministry at Trinity on May 1 and we will get to know one another well. That is a big priority for me, to know each of you personally, to know the community, and to learn your traditions and way of life. The coronavirus will not stop us, we have lots of time to share with one another our joys and sorrows and all that the years will bring.

A little bit about me: I am committed to the idea that the church is community that forms around Word and sacrament. Preaching and liturgy are my passions. Out of the worship life of the congregation flows education, service, evangelism and fellowship. Together we can teach the faith to the next generation, help those in need, make Christ known, and have many good times together. Baltimore was my hometown. I have served as an ordained minister for 30 years in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., and York, Pittsburgh and Beaver Falls, PA.

My wife, Melanie, and I have been married 38 years and we have two grown children, both professional counselors, son Eric Jr, in Pittsburgh, and daughter Mandy, in Las Vegas, NV.

Please know that I am here for you 24/7/365 for prayer, for pastoral encouragement, or for conversation over a cup of coffee.

As they say, “God is good all the time,” and I believe we will see His goodness poured out and overflowing at Trinity in our time.

I hope you will want to be part of it and I thank you for welcoming me into your parish.

God bless you always.

In the grip of His Grace,

Pastor Ash