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August 2017 - Lyman Run

2 Youth and 3 adults in attendance.

The water was a LOT warmer than Stony Brook. We had a wonderful day with lots of fun swimming






visiting the motorcycle shop



and the deer park.



June 2017 - Stony Brook

2 Youth and 2 adults in attendance.

We tried swimming in the 51degree water. We tried for about an hour, went for a short walk and went home early. We will try again when the weather is a bit warmer!!

March 2017 - Game Day at the Dunne House



Our hosts let us use their game room, complete with ping pong table.  The boys, Nathan and James, played an awesome game of chess with Marvel characters.  After chess we all played Dicecapades, this game lasted longer than most of us thought it would but was tons of fun.  After some ping pong fun, Shelly fed us cheese fondue with mushrooms, asparagus, pretzels, apples, broccoli, potatoes, chips and bread bits and also meats chicken, shrimp, and beef.  After the meal we had chocolate fondue with pound cake, marshmallows, and banana for dessert.  It was a wonderful event and all had tons of food and fun.

February 2017 - Bowl-a-pawloosa

2 Youth and 3 adults in attendance. We ordered a pizza and fries and burgers.



We were sponsored for Bowl-a-Pawloosa, a local charity event to benefit the SPCA Serving Allegany County.  We dressed up in festive feline wear and enjoyed the set bowling challenges such as “Bowl Backwards” or “Bowl with Opposite Hand”.

February 2017 - Museum

Marcia Sick donated 4 tickets to the Rocester Museum of Science to Fellowship Kids. 2 Youth and 2 adults in attendance.


The boys had a lot of fun and enjoyed the interactivity of the Museum as well as the animals they had for animal week.

January 2017 - Bowling

2 Youth and 2 adults in attendance. We ordered a pizza and fries and bowled one game at the local Wellsville Lanes.





December - Game Event with Snowball Fight

On the last day of the year we got together and had a Game Event. 2 Adults and 2 Youth were in attendance. Shelly brought stuff for make your own Tacos. We played outside for about an hour throwing tons of snow around. When everyone was thourougly chilled we returned inside to play games for the rest of the afternoon.

November - Games

On Veterans day the kids had no school so we scheduled a game day event. 2 Adults and 2 Youth were in attendance. We played Clue, Tribond and Would you Rather. The boys had a lot of fun with all the games and look forward to the next game day.

October - Trunk or Treat

On October 28th Pastor Schultz took Kristen Kruger and Kelly Brainard up to North Tonawanda to his old perish for a trunk or treat event. Sadly none of our youth were able to attend the event but the adults had fun handing out candy to the kids of the area. We gleaned manny ideas to try such an event for our own perish in 2017.

October - Stony Brook Walk

2 Adults and 2 Youth in attendance. Since we did not get to walk the trails of Stony Brook in August we opted to go back before the end of season and take the trails this time. The boys had an amazing time exploring all the trails and areas there, wet shoes and sore leaders but it was an extremely wonderful day.



September - End of Summer Pool Party

Many were in attendance, Paul and Deb Vossler heated the pool for us to swim and opened it up for the youth and their families. Pizza was bought and covered by Diane Vossler. The boys had an amazing time swimming and playing in the pool.



August - Stony Brook Park

2 Adults and 2 Youth in attendance. We had a picnic lunch and went swimming in the 65 degree water, the warmest of the season! The boys were so content to swim that is all we did the entire time.



July - Balloon Rally Main Street Days

We raffled off 4 quilts. We made a total of $209.


July - Game Day - Water Wars

4 Adults and 2 Youth were in attendance. This event was the most fun yet. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


July - Quilt Raffle

A quilt was raffled at the church to benefit the group. $64 was raised. Quilt was won by Janet Carlin.



June - Quilt Raffle

A quilt was raffled to benefit the group. $40 was donated to fellowship kids.


June - Game Day - Nerf War

2 Adults and 2 Youth were in attendance with 3 guests that were playing on the playground and were invited to join. Much fun was had by all.



May - Quilt Making

We made t-shirts for the boys with their favorite bible quotes on the back and a No Sew Throw to be raffled off. The boys did very well cutting and tying the throw.



April - Game Night

2 Adults and 2 Youth were in attendance right after church. Food was provided and the kids loved the meal and games.


March - Easter Bunny Raffle

A large Cretekos bunny was donated to the Fellowship Kids group. It was decided to raffle it off during the Easter events to start a fund for the group to benefit events and programs. We should 55 tickets, 18 at the egg hunt and 37 at Easter breakfast. With two donations of $20 we totaled $97. The winner was #28 - Sandy Vossler.


March - Game Night

2 Adults and 2 Youth in attendance with the addition for a while of 3 daycare children. All had a wonderful time, the kids showed excellent sportsmanship.


February First Event - Snowball Wars/Movie

3 Adults and 3 Youth in attendance we had a wonderful time outside in front of the church throwing snow at each other. We showed Frozen and all stayed for the movie and popcorn and cupcakes.


Started by Kristen A. Kruger and Kelly Miles

January 2016