Dear Members and Friends of Trinity Church:

Upcoming Events this Week:  
  • Ladies' Aid:  Monday, June 10. at 6 pm.
  • Elders' Meeting: Tuesday, June 11 at 12 Noon
Seth Gill Defeat Cancer Fund:  Chicken BBQ Dinner -- June 19; Pick Up at First Trinity Church Parking Lot, 4-6 pm;  Tickets, $15 each, available from Trinity Church and Daycare offices or see a Vossler family member. Call 585-593-5281.  For more on Seth's condition and to donate via GoFundMe, go to
Pastoral Pondering:  There are two non-liturgical holidays coming up.  Next Sunday , June 16, is Fathers’ Day.  Part of the sermon that day will deal with how our earthly fathers are and are not like God, our Heavenly Father. The other holiday is Friday, June 14, Flag Day.  Whether American flags should be allowed in a congregation’s worship space is controversial in some places.  When I researched this topic, I was surprised by what I found. Hanging pennants, banners and heraldic artwork of the local nobility was common in Europe in the Middle Ages.  The dukes, counts, princes, and barons these “flags” represented  reminded them that had a responsibility to defend the church in their territory. An American flag in a church today should remind our government to protect and defend our religious liberty.  American flags became popular in churches that supported the Union during the Civil War.  Flags in churches became even more popular during World War I.  Churches without American flags were suspected of being pro-German (an especially big concern for Lutherans).  At about that same time, unfortunately, the Ku Klux Klan gave flags to many churches, demanding they display them to show their loyalty to white Protestant America. In the Cold War era, an American flag in a church was often interpreted as the church supporting  liberty, justice, truth, and democracy against the lawless tyranny of godless Communism. Today, I doubt anyone actually worships the flag or idolizes our government. Most Christians I know love their country but have suspicions about the political process.  The flag does not represent American ascendancy or white supremacy. For me, the American flag in churches is not an issue; it is a matter of local tradition.  Despite all our nation's problems, God has richly blessed America and there is no other country in which I would rather live.  I do not see the flag as being a symbol that excludes anyone.  If I was in a church in another country, I would not be offended if they displayed their national flag.  The Vatican is an independent state, led by the Pope, that has its own flag.  The Church of England, a state sponsored church, with King Charles, the Defender of the Faith, displays the Union Jack.  Our flag reminds me of the religious liberty for which I am grateful.   God bless America.
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God bless you all.
In Christ's service,  Pastor Ash