9:00am Sunday School and Bible Class* 

10:30am Sundays Worship service with Holy Communion

470 North Main Street

Wellsville, NY 14895

Coronavirus Precautions for First Trinity Lutheran Church
We care about your physical well-being and your spiritual well-being.  With the recent uptick in cases of COVID-19 in our county, we have re-examined and updated our protocols in ways that are effective, prudent, and faithful.  Our goal is to make worship as safe as possible, while still bringing God’s people the Word and Sacraments in a way that is appropriate and theologically sound.  As our liturgy states, “The Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ strengthen you in body and soul to life everlasting.”


  • Please stay at home if you have symptoms such as coughing, fever, etc.
  • Reserve the on-street parking on Park Lane for the handicapped.
  • Follow the usual protocols regarding wearing masks, social distancing, hand sanitizing, and the like.
  • Use only the restroom off of the narthex.
  • Refrain from physical contact, e.g. handshaking and hugging
  • Do not go beyond the double-doors leading to the Education Wing, except for Adult Sunday School and Confirmation classes.
  • The church will be sanitized between worship services.
  • Coffee will not be served in the lounge.


  • Place your offerings in the basket in the narthex.
  • The Ushers will help seat worshippers as necessary.
  • Please sit only in the pews that are not taped off.
  • Additional seating is available in the narthex, lounge area, Cry Room, balcony, and choir stalls to allow for greater social distancing.
  •  Maintain six feet distance in the pews between people who are not of the same family group.

Holy Communion:

  • The Pastor and Altar Assistant will wear masks and plastic gloves.
  • Please leave six feet between yourself and the person in front of you when approaching the altar.
  • Stand on the lines on the floor perpendicular to the altar to receive the elements.
  • After receiving each element, move laterally, stand on the tape crosses on the floor, face the altar, and consume the element.
  • Take the small plastic glass of the Lord’s blood that is closest to you from the tray. Only the Pastor drinks from the Chalice.
  • Place the used cup in the tray on a table by the center aisle as you return to you seat.
The Americans with Disability Acts and the Affordable Healthcare Act exempt people from wearing masks if it interferes with their health.  Please be understanding.




Trinity is ADA compliant!

Our church is accessible from all points!

Main Door, Back Door, all hallways, rooms, and bathroom facilities.

We also provide:

  • Large Print Bulletin and Newsletter for the Visually Impaired
  • Audio Aids for the Service
  • Wheelchair alcoves located throughout the Sanctuary
  • Holy Communion in the pew for those not able to come to the Altar



Also available for those Home-bound
  • Regular home visitations including Holy Communion
  • Audio CDs of Sermons, Bible Class
  • Online access to MP3 audio of Sermons
  • Online access to videos of Sermons
  • Online access to text of Sermons